Social Media and its Role in Road Traffic Prosecutions in Scotland

Social Media, be careful what you post online

A new breed of prosecution: social media and its role in road traffic prosecutions in Scotland. The times they are a changin’. Social media is now omnipresent in our modern world and there are implications for those facing road traffic charges in Scotland who choose to interact online by posting information about their case. In extreme cases, the information can be used by the authorities as key evidence in support of a prosecution.

Search engines offer a great way to conduct research on unfamiliar topics. In relation to legal matters, however, the value of the information may be limited. Armchair lawyers will happily dispense advice free from the shackles of professional regulation and we would always counsel a degree of caution when googling for answers on matters of road traffic law. Forums, for example, are not private. We have been involved in prosecutions where it is clear that information has been obtained by Police Scotland through monitoring road traffic related forums. The advice generated on these forums may be free but it may not be balanced and indeed could allow the prosecuting authorities a vital glimpse into the proposed line of defence or expose a potential weakness with the case.

Your next “hilarious” video could lead to a criminal prosecution

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Published: 29/05/2017

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