Road Traffic Lawyers Edinburgh

As specialist road traffic lawyers who appear regularly in Edinburgh Sheriff Court and Edinburgh Justice of the Peace Court, Michael Lyon Solicitors can provide comprehensive legal advice on all road traffic matters. Our Firm has successfully represented clients in Edinburgh and Lothian accused of dangerous driving, speeding and drink-driving. Our specialist solicitors will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the evidence against you and offer complete and friendly legal advice. Whether you have been accused of dangerous driving in Edinburgh or face a ban for totting-up call our team of experienced solicitors to discuss the merits of your case.

Specialist Road Traffic Solicitors Edinburgh

Michael Lyon Solicitors are specialist road traffic solicitors and offer Scotland-wide cover for all road traffic offences. Our solicitors have been appearing in Edinburgh Sheriff Court for almost 20 years successfully defending motorists accused of contravening road traffic law in Edinburgh and Lothian.

Edinburgh Traffic Solicitors

We have successfully assisted clients with:

  • Speeding charges and speeding tickets in Edinburgh Justice of the Peace Court
  • Edinburgh fixed penalty speeding tickets (speed cameras in Edinburgh)
  • Edinburgh dangerous driving charges (contrary to section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988)
  • Drink driving charges in Edinburgh and Lothian
  • Totting-Up Bans in Edinburgh (avoid disqualification for totting-up bans)
  • Exceptional Hardship Arguments in Edinburgh (also referred to as hardship proofs Edinburgh

Totting-Up Ban Exceptional Hardship Edinburgh Traffic Lawyers

Specialist traffic solicitors in Edinburgh such as Michael Lyon Solicitors can often make the difference to the retention of your driving licence by successfully arguing exceptional hardship when facing a totting-up ban (i.e. reaching at least 12 penalty points within a 3 year period). To avoid a driving ban in Edinburgh under the totting-up provisions the Court must be satisfied that the loss of your driving licence would lead to exceptional hardship to yourself or others who rely upon your ability to drive. Michael Lyon Solicitors has successfully argued exceptional hardship in Edinburgh on many occasions and over many years. The key to a successful hardship proof in Edinburgh (and throughout Scotland) is preparation. Our specialist road traffic solicitors will offer expert advice on how to prepare successfully for an exceptional hardship proof in Edinburgh. 

Motoring Offence Lawyers Edinburgh

If you are facing a motoring offence in Edinburgh, contact Michael Lyon Solicitors to discuss your case with our experienced motoring offence lawyers. Our Firm has specialised exclusively in the defence of motoring offences since 2007 and have secured outright acquittals for clients accused of dangerous driving (Edinburgh Sheriff Court); drink-driving (Edinburgh Sheriff Court); speeding offences (Edinburgh JP Court) and numerous other road traffic offences in Edinburgh. For motoring offence lawyers in Edinburgh, you need look no further than Michael Lyon Solicitors.

Published: 03/09/2017

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