Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers

Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers

If you have been accused of committing a road traffic offence in Lanarkshire you are not alone. Each year approximately 137,000 drivers in the Lanarkshire area are accused of: speeding on the M74 or A74(M); dangerous driving; careless driving; driving without insurance, driving whilst using a mobile phone etc. If you have received a notice of intended prosecution or a fixed penalty (a.k.a. a speeding ticket) call Michael Lyon Solicitors for expert legal advice (our initial consultation is always free). We are the original Firm of Road Traffic Lawyers in Scotland and have a combined experience of over 30 years. Our Firm recently made waves in legal circles for the highest successfully defended speeding allegation in Lanarkshire (76mph in a 30mph limit).

Motoring Offence Lanark

As motoring offence solicitors in Lanark, Michael Lyon Solicitors have been appearing for the last decade at Lanark Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court to defend drivers accused of the full spectrum of road traffic offences. We have garnered a formidable reputation over the years for delivering acquittals in the most challenging of cases. Our Glasgow office is located close to Lanark Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court and we are regularly called upon to offer our assistance and expertise to drivers who fall foul of road traffic regulations on the M74 [a.k.a A74(M)].

Speeding Tickets Lanark

Michael Lyon Solicitors are experts in defending speeding allegations in Lanark. If you have been stopped by the police for speeding and are wondering what to do next call Michael Lyon Solicitors for expert legal advice. If you have been accused of travelling at a particularly high speed (which may be prosecuted as dangerous driving) and/or you have at least 6 points on your driving licence then the speeding allegation is likely to be reported directly to the Procurator Fiscal's Office in Lanark. In these circumstances, the speeding allegation may present a threat to your continuing ability to drive either through the totting-up provisions or the exercise of the Court's powers of discretionary disqualification. We have unparalleled experience in defending speeding allegations in Lanark and offer expert legal advice with a free consultation. Call today to discuss your options.

Lanark Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court

Lanark Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court is located at Sheriff Court House, Hope Street, Lanark, ML11 7NE. The Justice of the Peace Court in Lanark deals with every manner of road traffic allegation apart from dangerous driving, drink-driving (other than very minor infractions), and any offence involving serious injury or fatality. Lanark Sheriff Court deals with all other road traffic charges (apart from death by dangerous driving which must be tried in the High Court of Justiciary).

Published: 06/11/2017

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