Speed Awareness Course Scotland

Speed awareness courses can be offered by the Police for drivers who have contravened speed limits in a minor fashion. A speed awareness course acts as an alternative to a conditional offer fixed penalty and takes the form of a re-education course.

The course is designed to allow you to assess your driving behaviour and advice is given by trained officers on how to reduce your level of speed in the future.

I have been accused of speeding in Glasgow. Can I go on a speed awareness course?

Whilst generally offered in England & Wales, speed awareness courses are not yet available in Glasgow or indeed anywhere else in Scotland.

At Michael Lyon Solicitors we have been successfully defending speeding allegations for over a decade. There are often technical lines of defence available to motorists who have been accused of speeding. As specialist road traffic lawyers, we have earned a formidable reputation for successfully defending speeding charges.

If you have a question regarding speeding then please use the contact form below or call our office for free advice.

For general information, please visit our dedicated speeding section.

You can also check our track record with all the cases we have defended here.

Published: 19/10/2017

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