Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited is a team of highly specialised and experienced road traffic lawyers representing clients charged with motoring offences throughout Scotland. We hold a unique position in the market place due to our outstanding track record for successfully defending road traffic cases over the last decade. We restricted our practice solely to the defence of road traffic prosecutions in 2007 and have not looked back since. Our head office is in the High Street in Glasgow and our second office opened in Dumfries, directly across from Dumfries Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Court, back in 2011 to deal with the high number of speeding prosecutions emanating from the M74.

Over the years we have represented a broad range of clients from Police Officers to politicians and provided expert legal assistance in relation to tens of thousands of road traffic cases in Scotland. Aside from regularly appearing in the Scottish media on matters of road traffic law over the last decade, Michael Lyon is also the accredited Consultant on the Road Traffic Offences and Disqualification section of The Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia, considered to be an essential text for Solicitors practising road traffic law in Scotland.

If you are facing prosecution for any road traffic offence in Scotland, from dangerous driving down to a simple speeding charge, contact us today for expert legal representation. We can resolve many cases over the telephone free of charge.

Should the case merit legal representation, we will provide a clear fixed fee quotation to secure the services of our team of expert road traffic lawyers.

Meet The Team

Michael Lyon - The Road Traffic Laywer

MICHAEL LYON is the original road traffic lawyer and has specialised exclusively in the defence of criminal road traffic matters since 2007. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, Michael…

Martin Black - The Road Traffic Laywer

MARTIN BLACK, is a highly experienced and revered road traffic lawyer. Martin’s extensive knowledge of all road traffic matters has helped the Firm grow in size and stature since he…

Ronnie Simpson - The Road Traffic Lawyer

RONNIE SIMPSON, is a former Procurator Fiscal Depute and his insight into the inner workings of the Crown provides a considerable advantage to our Firm. In addition to his legal…

Road Traffic Offences

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Client Testimonials

Not Guilty Verdict – Speeding Charge Heard At Perth

In short I was charged with driving at 62mph whilst in a 30mph zone. The effect of this would have probably resulted in a ban as it was over double the limit, however you managed to present such a case to the fiscal that she agreed to drop the prosectuion without me even having to stand trial on the day.

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Speeding And Totting Up Provisions – Case Deserted

I would like to thank you for your professional and responsive attention to the case that is now at a successful end. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm, you took the stress off myself and handled the whole thing.

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Client Charged With Speeding At Over 100 Mph – Avoids  Disqualification

I was facing a ban for driving at 100mph on the motorway.

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Short Term Ban Submission Upheld

I was facing a 6 month ban due to totting up, instead received a 28 day ban.

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Dangerous Driving Charge Defended At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court

I would strongly recommend anyone under similar circumstances to enlist the services of Michael Lyon, the Road Traffic Lawyer.

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Dangerous Driving Charge Heard At Peebles Sheriff Court

I was charged with Dangerous Driving following the performance of an overtaking manoeuvre and was caught out by the layout of the road which approached a hidden dip on a bend witnessed by two police officers.

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