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Success rates are entirely meaningless.

Please make your own judgement by browsing our unparalleled wealth of experience gained from a decade devoted to exclusively defending road traffic cases.

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  Kept Licence
Drink Driving Glasgow
Drink / Drug Driving
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our very respectable client was involved in an accident where her car skidded on black ice around Christmas time and came off the road. Traumatised by this she ..
  Kept Licence
Dangerous Driving Airdrie
Dangerous Driving
Airdrie Sheriff Court
Our client was falsely accused of dangerous driving by reversing into someone and failing to report the accident/fleeing the scene. Following the trial, the She ..
  Kept Licence
Special Reasons Speeding
Stirling Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
En route to attend to a terminally ill 6 year old, the police stopped the doctor for speeding. Having tried to explain the situation to the police, he simply ha ..
  Licence Restored
Remove Driving Ban
Removal Of Disqualification
Aberdeen Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our client had a highly specialised job and his company changed his role making a driving licence essential. Unfortunately, our client was half way through a 4 ..
  Kept Licence
Case Deserted By Court Due To Technical Objection
Failing to Stop / Failing to Report An Accident
Paisley Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Normally the Crown is afforded a degree of latitude when libelling the date of an alleged offence. We are contacted almost on a daily basis and asked whether th ..
  Kept Licence
Mobile Phone Glasgow Found Not Guilty
Mobile Phones / Construction & Use
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Having been accused of using his mobile phone whilst driving, our client needed expert representation and was advised to contact our office by the police office ..