About Us

Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited is a team of highly specialised and experienced road traffic lawyers representing clients charged with motoring offences throughout Scotland. We hold a unique position in the market place due to our outstanding track record for successfully defending road traffic cases over the last decade. We restricted our practice solely to the defence of road traffic prosecutions in 2007 and have not looked back since. Our head office is located on High Street in Glasgow and our second office opened in Dumfries, directly across from Dumfries Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Court, back in 2011 to deal with the high number of speeding prosecutions emanating from the M74. We also have offices in Inverness (opened 2018) and Edinburgh (opened 2019).

Over the years we have represented a broad range of clients from Police Officers to politicians and provided expert legal assistance in relation to thousands of road traffic cases in Scotland. Aside from regularly appearing in the Scottish media on matters of road traffic law over the last decade, Michael Lyon is also the accredited Consultant on the Road Traffic Offences and Disqualification section of The Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia, considered to be an essential text for solicitors practising road traffic law in Scotland.

Aside from representing individuals charged with road traffic offences, Michael Lyon is involved with training Justices of the Peace in relation to the interpretation and application of Scottish driving law, in particular how to approach speeding cases and exceptional hardship proofs. Our most recent talk was delivered to around 50 Justices of the Peace – these are the judges who may ultimately decide your fate.

If you are facing prosecution for any road traffic offence in Scotland, from dangerous driving down to a simple speeding charge, contact us today for expert legal representation. We can resolve many cases over the telephone free of charge.

Should the case merit legal representation, we will provide a clear fixed-fee payment plan quotation to secure the services of our team of expert road traffic lawyers.

The Team

Michael Lyon Image

Michael Lyon

MICHAEL LYON has specialised exclusively in the defence of criminal road traffic matters since 2007.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, Michael has advised thousands of motorists over the years and has unrivalled expertise in the field of road traffic law.

Michael is one of the most successful trial lawyers in Scotland and his specialist knowledge of road traffic law, coupled with his extensive trial experience, is renowned for securing acquittals in the most difficult of cases.

Michael has represented a number of high profile clients and acted as the Accredited Consultant for the prestigious Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.

Michael is regularly asked to give his expert opinion in the Scottish media, including TV and radio appearances.

Notable Cases

Procurator Fiscal Glasgow v Scott Brown
Procurator Fiscal Stranraer v Sir Richard Dashwood
Procurator Fiscal Glasgow v Anas Sarwar
Procurator Fiscal Dumfries v Jeff Brazier
Procurator Fiscal Glasgow v Emilio Izaguirre
Ronnie Simpson

Ronnie Simpson

RONNIE SIMPSON, is a former Procurator Fiscal Depute and his insight into the inner workings of the Crown provides a considerable advantage to our Firm.

Ronnie joined the Firm in 2014 and has delivered an outstanding run of acquittals in some of our most difficult cases.

A fantastic road traffic lawyer with an irrepressible tenacity, Ronnie is an integral part of the team and will always represent clients to the very best of his significant abilities.

Ronnie has acted in a number of high-profile road traffic cases over the years.

Notable Cases

Procurator Fiscal Inverness v James Callaghan
Procurator Fiscal Aberdeen v Johnathon Kerr
Procurator Fiscal Paisley v Michael Gilfillan
Procurator Fiscal Elgin v Gregor Durno
Procurator Fiscal Stranraer v Peter Jenkins
Procurator Fiscal Glasgow v Martin Waine
Procurator Fiscal Greenock v Russell Cameron
Procurator Fiscal Livingston v David Lee
Her Majesty’s Advocate Edinburgh v Paul Davidson