Dangerous Driving And Threatening Behaviour

Kept Licence
Aberdeen Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

This case had a significant potential to result in the imposition of a custodial sentence, if proved.   It was, in effect, a ‘road rage’ allegation with a combination of dangerous driving allied to the making of threatening and abusive gestures that implied a serious threat of violence.

It was eventually agreed with the Crown that the driving displayed was in fact careless, and that the gestures were not as significant as had been alleged by the complainers.  This combination of factors removed the risk of both jail and the statutory minimum one year ban with compulsory re-sit order.

The Sheriff was then persuaded impose 7 penalty points, allowing our client to retain his licence, employment and provide for his new-born son; a perfect illustration of what can be achieved with an expertly prepared case.

Published: 23/06/2017

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