Drink Driving Hamilton

Reduced Sentence
Hamilton Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court

Having been charged with a second qualifying offence our client was in a very difficult position and subject to the enhanced minimum period of disqualification of three years. We examined thoroughly all of the evidence in the case and advised that a plea of guilty should be tendered to allow the Court's focus to be on mitigation. We liaised with the Crown and intimated our client's change of plea in advance of the Trial to allow witnesses to be countermanded. On the morning of the Trial we tendered the plea of guilty and addressed the Court in mitigation. Although our client had a previous qualifying conviction we persuaded the Sheriff to impose the minimum period of disqualification and to certify our client as a suitable candidate for inclusion on the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Scheme. In effect, this reduced the sentence to a net disqualification of 2 years 4 months. In the circumstances, this was a very good result and our client was delighted.

Published: 04/07/2017

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