Drink Driving Glasgow

Kept Licence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our very respectable client was involved in an accident where her car skidded on black ice around Christmas time and came off the road. Traumatised by this she went home and had a couple of glasses of wine to calm her nerves. The police attended and made 2+2=5, then charged her with drink driving. She stood to lose everything if convicted. She had been represented previously by an 'expert' road traffic solicitor who claimed he could get her off using  'gas chromatography'. With her Court dates approaching she could not get in contact with the 'expert' and she contacted our Firm in a bit of a panic. We wrote to the other lawyer informing him that we were now in charge of the case. We attended Court and asked for further preparatory time as there was a lot of work to be done on the case and 'gas chromatography' was not a line of defence that we wished to pursue at all. We instead instructed a toxicologist to determine the rate of our client's metabolisation of alcohol. Armed with the report we spoke to a Senior Prosecutor who was persuaded that the case had no merit and discontinued the prosecution. This case highlights the difference between using an experienced lawyer who understands how the legal system actually works versus employing "we'll get you off.com". Our client was delighted to save her licence, job and home. Wisely she chose to leave a supposed 'expert' and instead be represented by a team of experienced professionals. 


Published: 24/06/2017

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