Dumfries Failing To Stop Not Guilty

Kept Licence
Dumfries Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client was a young man who had a clean driving licence and a job opportunity which depended upon his ability to drive. We negotiated with the Procurator Fiscal to have them accept that he should not be prosecuted for failing to report an accident. The incident took place at 3:20am on Christmas Eve and our client simply missed a corner and by doing so ended up going down an embankment and into the side wall of a shed. At 9:20am he took himself along to the police station to report the accident. When he attended at the police station it was brought to his attention that his vehicle was uninsured (a payment had bounced and he hadn't been told). The Court had sympathy for his position and gave him the minimum endorsement for the offence, namely 6 penalty points along with a modest fine. The circumstances of the case could easily have led the Court to exercise its powers of discretionary disqualification on any of the charges so our client was delighted with the outcome which was achieved largely through our negotiations with the Crown and mitigation to the Court.  

Published: 16/06/2017

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