Minimum Sentence Failure To Provide Glasgow

Reduced Sentence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and thereafter failing without reasonable excuse to provide two specimens of breath when lawfully required to do so.

In circumstances such as these any decent lawyer knows that in the absence of a reasonable excuse the appropriate advice is that a plea of guilty ought to be tendered to the Court as early as possible.

We advised our client to do just that. He had been drinking and, after a few hours had elapsed since he stopped drinking alcohol, decided to get a McDonald's. Unfortunately, at the Drive-Thru staff detected the smell of alcohol and called the cops (who weren't loving it). 

When the case called in Court the Procurator Fiscal requested that our client's car be forfeited. We successfully repelled that motion and, following a plea in mitigation, persuaded the Sheriff to impose the minimum period of disqualification of 12 months. He was also fined £600. 

A very good result in the circumstances. 

This case was presented by our Mr Simpson at Glasgow Sheriff Court on 17th December 2019.

 Reduced Sentence!

Published: 17/12/2019

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