Dangerous Driving On The A9

Kept Licence
Perth Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client panicked when the police tried to speak to him about speeding near Perth.  Instead of stopping as requested, he scooted off down the A9 leaving the officers alone in a layby. 

Although he quickly regretted this impulsive decision, the damage was already done and this was compounded, upon receipt of his court papers, by an allegation of dangerous driving in addition to one of failing to stop when required to do so by a constable.  His licence was now at risk from a statutory minimum one year ban and peremptory requirement to re-sit the extended test of competency; with a young family to support and a job dependent on an ability to drive, a lot was at stake.

The real issue with the s.2 allegation was that it was, effectively, an exaggeration on the part of the police in frustration that he hadn’t adhered to their order for him to stop.  A contention that he was exceeding the speed limit as he drove away was threadbare standing the fact that their line of sight was no more than 200 metres, and suggesting that he dangerously undertook two vehicles at the same time was risible as those cars were indicating to turn right and so passing them on the nearside was perfectly legal.

Nevertheless, the police were adamant that the driving was still dangerous and so the burden fell on us to save his livelihood.  In the end, he was vindicated in placing his trust in us as he was acquitted of dangerous driving and retained his driving entitlement.

Published: 02/08/2017

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