2 x Average Speed Camera Cases Deserted By Court

Kept Licence
Hamilton Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client was charged with two speeding offences (61mph and 68mph both in a 50mph limit) detected by two average speed cameras about 20 minutes apart. Our client already had 6 points on his licence and additionally had been disqualified under the totting-up provisions the previous year leaving him subject to the enhanced 1 year ban upon conviction. We noticed a fundamental flaw in the Crown case and spoke to the Procurator Fiscal on the morning of the trial. The Prosecutor asked our client to accept one of the charges but we advised him to stand firm. The Crown were forced into asking the Court for an adjournment which was vigorously and successfully opposed (despite the defence having been granted an adjournment at the previous trial). Both speeding charges were thrown out by the Court and no penalty attached to our client's licence. 

Published: 01/06/2017

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