42mph In 30mph Not Guilty

Kept Licence
Inverness Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

This case involved a minor speeding allegation which could have had major consequences for our client due to the totting-up provisions. Whilst we felt there was a strong fall back position of exceptional hardship, we didn't need to go down that route as our client was found not guilty after trial on technical grounds. 

Published: 31/05/2017

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Sheriff Rejects Police Evidence In Speeding Charge

Our client was accused of speeding at 101mph on the M74. Following a speeding trial the Sheriff decided that the police officers did not give credible or reliable evidence and found our client not guilty of the charge. Despite stating that he was very experienced, one road traffic officer claimed that he could not tell the Court the difference between a saloon and an estate car. This was a great result. There was no risk to our client's licence and was defended solely on a point of principle....