3 Driving Cases Dealt With At Dumfries Client Outcomes Achieved

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Dumfries Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

We were instructed in a number of cases in Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 by a variety of different clients with an assortment of required outcomes.

Client 1 - was accused of travelling at 110mph on the A74(M) which is restricted to 70mph. He was a new driver and his aim was to avoid the imposition of penalty points (which would invoked a revocation and have required a resit of his driving test) and thereafter to limit any period of disqualification. Having considered matters fully, the Court determined that the appropriate period of disqualification was 3 months and fined him £400. Our client was very happy with the outcome.

Client 2 - was an NHS doctor who already had 9 penalty points and was detected speeding at 88mph on the A74(M). Ordinarily, this would be dealt with by the imposition of 3 penalty points and a small fine. The issue was that the imposition of the minimum penalty for speeding would have incurred a six-month disqualification via the 'totting-up' provisions. Our client did not have strong grounds for an exceptional hardship argument and therefore our objective was to persuade the Court to deal with the matter by the imposition of a short, discretionary period of disqualification. We were able to do so and our client received a 4 week ban and a fine of £300. A most satisfactory outcome.

Client 3 - was accused of driving without due care and attention by failing to stop at a stop sign and causing a collision between his vehicle and an on-coming tractor. No-one was injured. Our client had 6 penalty points on his licence and an analogous previous conviction. The goal in this case was to persuade the Court to impose fewer than 6 penalty points. We were successful in doing so and our client's licence was endorsed with 4 penalty points and he was fined £300. Our client was delighted with the outcome.

The above cases were all dealt with by our Mr Simpson.

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Published: 22/10/2019

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