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Alloa Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Driving Offence Lawyer Alloa

Our client was charged with driving her car without due care and attention and causing it to collide with another vehicle. Further, she was charged with failing to stop and failing to report the accident.

We investigated the case and it became apparent to us that our client's driving could not be faulted. If anything, the blame seemed to lie with the poor lane discipline of the other driver. 

The case called for trial and evidence was led from all parties to the incident. Our client had been alone in her vehicle whereas the other vehicle contained an adult passenger who also sought to pin the blame on our client. Through careful cross-examination of the four Crown witnesses we were able to convince the Justice of the Peace that our client was blameless in terms of the actual driving. Whilst technically guilty of the other charges of failing to stop and failing to report we were able to convince the Court to deal with those charges in a very lenient manner. Our client's licence could not accommodate penalty points and we therefore persuaded the Court to impose a short, discretionary period of disqualification of one month as opposed to up to 10 penalty points. She was also fined the modest sum of £150. If you require assistance with a similar case then please contact the road traffic lawyer for a confidential discussion. 

 Kept Licence!

Published: 26/10/2017

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