Dangerous Driving Ayr

Kept Licence
Ayr Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Dangerous driving in Ayr is a serious matter. Our client had been accused of dangerous driving by driving in excess of 60mph limit on the opposing carriageway into the path of on-coming vehicles and swerving back across the carriageway to avoid a collision. Serious stuff. Our client was a professional man of advancing years and denied that his driving was dangerous. We set about the task of saving his licence by investigating the veracity of the charge against him. Following our investigations into the incident, we had a meeting with the Procurator Fiscal in Ayr and presented our case behind closed doors. The Crown accepted that the conduct amounted to careless driving not dangerous driving and a plea was tendered on that basis. We persuaded the Sheriff that the conduct was at the very low end of careless driving and the Sheriff endorsed his licence with the statutory minimum of 3 penalty points and imposed a modest fine. This was a well deserved outcome for a thoroughly nice man. 

Published: 05/07/2017

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