Dangerous Driving Charge Dundee Found Not Guilty

Kept Licence
Dundee Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

An accusation of dangerous driving in Dundee is a serious matter. Our client had been accused of travelling at excessive speed and overtaking in contravention of a solid white line contrary to section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. His licence was essential for his self-employment and he stood to lose everything. He was told by a friend in Dundee to contact the road traffic lawyer (we had successfully represented his friend for speeding on the A90). We examined the case and discovered that there was a major flaw in the Procurator Fiscal's case. At the end of the trial at Dundee Sheriff Court we made legal submissions which resulted in the case being thrown out and our client being found not guilty of dangerous driving. If you are accused of dangerous driving in Dundee or dangerous driving anywhere in Scotland, contact the road traffic lawyer for comprehensive legal advice. 

Published: 13/08/2017

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