Dangerous Driving Dumfries M74 Speeding 106mph

Kept Licence
Dumfries Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client was charged with dangerous driving by travelling at speeds of up to 106mph on a wet motorway with areas of standing water whilst on the phone. The A74(M) is a notorious speeding hotspot and the police are omnipresent in both marked and unmarked patrol cars. It is the last place in Scotland that you would wish to be caught speeding. The main reasons being that the police are experienced and competent when giving evidence and the Procurator Fiscal's Office in Dumfries is the best in Scotland at prosecuting road traffic offences.

The police were tailing our client for approximately four miles (or 2 minutes) and noted his speed by reference to their calibrated speedometer and the Provida system that was installed in their marked police vehicle. 

Our professional opinion based upon decades of experience in this area was that whilst the driving fell below the standard required of the careful and competent driver, it did not fall far below and therefore the charge of dangerous driving was ultimately doomed to fail. 

We carried out our investigations that we carry out for each and every case and thereafter discussed the case at length with one of the most experienced prosecutors. Following our discussions, it was agreed that a charge of careless driving would be more appropriate to the conduct alleged. 

We advised our client to accept the deal we had secured as it represented the best route to achieving his goal of retaining his ability to drive. 

We attended Court with our client and addressed the Sheriff in mitigation. Our client's licence was endorsed with 8 penalty points and he was fined the sum of £350. 

Our Mr Simpson dealt with this matter at Dumfries Sheriff Court on 16th March 2018.

 Kept Licence!

Published: 16/03/2018

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