Dangerous Driving Minimum Sentence

Reduced Sentence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client was charged with dangerous driving and instructed a plea of not guilty to be tendered to the Court. 

The essence of the charge was that control of the vehicle was lost due to racing with another vehicle resulting in our client's vehicle colliding with and causing damage to a pedestrian crossing light and railings.

The witness statements that were provided by the Crown were unanimously unequivocal and damning in their tone.

In cases such as these we must try and manage the eventual outcome as best as we can. We firstly made an approach to the Procurator Fiscal's Office to ask that they consider a plea to the reduced charge of careless driving. Our offer was understandably declined and the case proceeded to trial.

On the morning of the trial we discussed the case with the Procurator Fiscal Depute in Court. Whilst we were not able to persuade him to drop the case to the level of careless driving we were successful in having any reference to 'racing' removed. This was a crucial concession in terms of the ultimate disposal of the case.

Our client was advised to consider the offer on the table and agreed that this was the best available outcome.

A plea of guilty was tendered to dangerous driving. We were able to persuade the Court to restrict the period of disqualification to the statutory minimum of 12 months along with a £450 fine and compulsory extended driving test.

There are some cases where the best outcome available is damage limitation. This was one such case and was dealt with at Glasgow Sheriff Court on 15th October 2019.

 Reduced Sentence!

Published: 16/10/2019

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