New Driver With Three Points And Two Further Speeding Charges

Kept Licence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

As a New Driver, with three points already and two further cases alleging speeding at Glasgow Justice of the Peace Court, our client had a twofold risk of her driving licence being revoked, as well as the possibility of also being disqulaified under the 'totting-up' provisions.

We set to work, and over a period of months were firstly able to persuade the Crown that one of the allegations contained insufficient evidence to convict.  When the second case eventually called for trial, the prosecutor in court realised that the same deficiency was present.  Their attempt to adjourn proceedings to rectify the issue was successfully opposed by us, in no small part to the body of appeal cases regarding oppressive Crown motions to adjourn we have been involved in over the years.

Published: 02/06/2017

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