Speeding 52mph in 30mph Perth Not Guilty

Kept Licence
Perth Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Our client somewhat unusually presented with a clean licence and would have been unlikely, or perhaps unlucky, to have been facing a ban.

Clean licence instructions are somewhat unusual in speeding cases. They bring a different kind of pressure. Fortunately we are experienced enough to deal with the expectation.

This case called for Trial at Perth JP Court on 15th September 2020 where our Mr Simpson - suitably masked up - arrived to defend the case.

This was a Trial where success depended on a technical issue. This was a trial where no questions were asked by the defence. Following the closing of the Crown case - with his mask removed - our Mr Simpson made a legal submission was made based on a somewhat obscure legal authority. The Crown conceded the point and the Court acquitted our client of the charge. Not guilty after trial.

He drove away with his clean licence in tact. 

Job done. 

 Kept Licence!

Published: 16/09/2020

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