Speeding Dumbarton Not Guilty

Kept Licence
Dumbarton Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

A fellow Solicitor was charged with speeding on the A82 - Great Western Road. He required the expertise of a road traffic lawyer and instructed the Firm that he considered to be the most professional and with the best reputation amongst the Scottish legal profession. We thoroughly investigated his case and were entirely confident of securing an acquittal due to a number of technical deficiencies in the Crown case. Unfortunately, the Crown were not in a position to proceed on the morning of the Trial so we did not get to show off our Court craft. Our client had travelled a considerable distance and reasonably expected to have his case dealt with. We made legal submissions that the Crown should not be permitted any further preparatory time in a situation where they had simply told the witnesses not to attend. The Court upheld our submission and the case against our client was deserted simpliciter, the effect of which was that our client was formally acquitted of the charge. He drove away from Dumbarton Justice of the Peace Court with the same number of penalty points as when he arrived. Job done. When you go on holiday it is common to try and find a restaurant where the locals eat. It's the same with legal matters. We are the lawyers' lawyers and have successfully represented a number of our fellow brethern over the years including top QCs. If you find yourself facing a road traffic charge, dine where the locals eat!

Published: 20/07/2017

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