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Speeding Charge 57mph In 30mph Limit Coatbridge Not Guilty

GATSO cameras are frequently used to detect speeding drivers. Almost counter intuitively, these cases can actually be fairly straightforward for our Firm to defend against.

There are various technicalities that we have utilised over the last decade to the advantage of our clients. A technicality is simply a strict application of the law based upon advanced understanding of the law.

The Road Traffic Lawyer

In the present case our client was accused of travelling at 57mph in a 30mph limit. She was rightly worried about this case as a conviction would have almost inevitably led to a period of disqualification. We examined the charge and the summary of evidence that had been served upon her by Police Scotland and advised that a not guilty plea should be entered as there were various technical lines of defence available to her. 

Found Not Guilty Of Speeding

We entered a plea of not guilty and asked that her attendance be excused from the procedural hearing (the 'Intermediate Diet'). The Court granted our request and we prepared the case. The Crown asked for further preparatory time and the Court permitted one more week. When we attended on that date - the Friday before the Monday trial - we made representations to the Procurator Fiscal in Coatbridge Justice of the Peace Court regarding the merits of the case. Despite the high speed alleged, the Crown reluctantly conceded that they could not secure a conviction in the case and discontinued the proceedings resulting in our client being found not guilty of the charge. The best part was that she never had to take time off of work to attend Court for this case. 

How To Deal With A Speeding Ticket In Scotland

As you can probably tell from the URL https://www.theroadtrafficlawyer.com - we were the first Firm in Scotland and amongst the first in the UK to deal exclusively with the defence of road traffic allegations. We have developed a formidable reputation for defending all road traffic offences with unrivalled success in the defence of speeding and dangerous driving allegations. The sooner that we become involved in a case, the better the chances of success will be. We appear throughout Scotland and will advise you what you ought to do with your particular case. Call today to speak to one of our highly experienced solicitors.

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Published: 18/08/2017

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