2 Cases Drink Driving And Failure To Provide

Reduced Sentence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Case 1

Our client had been stopped by the police and was found to have not less that 77ug per 100ml of breath when subjected to the Intoximeter test at the police station. 

He was very candid in speaking to the police, and as such, an early plea of guilty was both advised and instructed. 

Our Mr Simpson was in attendance and persuaded the Court that, notwithstanding the fairly high breath alcohol reading, that the minimum period of disqualification was appropriate. The Sheriff was also persuaded to deem him as a suitable candidate for inclusion on the drink-drive rehabilitation course, serving to further reduced the ban to a net 9-month period.

Case 2 

In the same Court on the same morning, another client was facing a variety of charges which were negotiated down to only one charge of failing - without reasonable excuse - to provide a breath sample.

Our client had a reason for refusing to provide the sample, however with the benefit of legal advice, accepted that his reason was not reasonable

An early plea was tendered to the Court resulting in the minimum period of disqualification of 12 months and, once more, the Sheriff was persuaded to commend him for inclusion on the rehab course reducing, once more, the period of disqualification to a net 9 months.

 Reduced Sentence!

Published: 22/10/2021

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