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Aberdeen Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Careless Driving Charge Aberdeen

Our client was charged with careless driving in a high profile case ( involving the collision of the school bus driven by him and another vehicle. We were asked to take over the case from a local Aberdeen general criminal law firm.

We thoroughly investigated the evidence and examined all the witness statements. It was apparent from our assessment of the case that our client's best interests would be served by accelerating the trial to allow an early plea of guilty to be entered. The incident was caused in part by a junction (Findlater Smiddy Crossroads) known locally as a 'bad junction' and an 'accident blackspot'. 

Fortunately, none of the children on board at the time were injured although our client suffered injury to his shoulder. 

We persuaded the Court that the standard of driving was at the lower end of carelessness. The consequences of careless driving are not relevant to the sentence. The Court agreed with our legal submissions and imposed 5 penalty points on his licence and a modest fine. 

This case demonstrates the difference that specialist motoring offence solicitors can make in Aberdeen.

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Published: 05/09/2017

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