Dangerous Driving Not Guilty At Glasgow

Kept Licence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

It’s never too late to engage the services of a road traffic expert.  In this case, we were brought onboard a fortnight prior to trial; our client’s current, non-specialist, lawyers had reached their limit of influence and were advising that he plead guilty to a particularly serious allegation of dangerous driving.  The main issue with this, of course, was that he denied that his driving was dangerous!

In a nutshell, it was alleged that he had fallen asleep at the wheel causing his vehicle to mount a pavement and strike an elderly pedestrian.  It transpired however, that the civilian witness and her husband were leaving no lily ungilded in their statement to the police with the clear intention of supporting a future civil injuries claim.  Our client had not fallen asleep at the wheel, he had not mounted the pavement and he had not struck her.

With a quick turnaround we were able to prepare the case in time for the trial diet.  By early afternoon our client had been acquitted of dangerous driving, his driving entitlement, and reputation, safely retained.

Published: 25/08/2017

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