Driving Without Insurance

Kept Licence
Edinburgh Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

One of the most common accusations a driver can face is that he/she has driven without there being in force a valid policy of insurance.

Our client found himself in just that situation, and contacted our office for advice and assistance.

We requested all documents in relation to the case, and entered a plea of 'Not Guilty'. 

The case called for trial and our Mr Simpson attended at Edinburgh JP Court on 29th August 2023. 

Following discussions with the prosecutor and the legal advisor, the case did not call in Court and our client was free to leave with his licence in tact. This case was dropped due to a technical point of law that is very often misunderstood by other lawyers and so-called 'road traffic experts'.

Acquitted of the charge.

 Kept Licence!

Published: 13/09/2023

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