Glasgow Speeding Camera

Kept Licence
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Facing disqualification for speeding at 42mph in Glasgow on Great Western Road at Cleveden Road, our client was in a bit of a pickle. He had been caught on camera and thought that there was no way out of it and that he was going to be banned for 6 months under the totting-up provisions and lose his job. We examined the evidence and assured him that there was hope in his case. The matter proceeded to trial and at the end of the Crown case the Court agreed that our client had no case to answer and found him not guilty of the charge of speeding. This case demonstrates that speeding camera cases can be successfully defended when your lawyer knows his onions. Speeding in Glasgow is a particular area of expertise for our Firm and we will offer free impartial advice in every case.

Published: 05/07/2017

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