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A former client got himself in a bit of bother and was arrested following allegations of drink-driving contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 5(1)(a), careless driving contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 3, and failing to report an accident contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 170.

His reading was 110ug per 100ml of breath (5 times the legal limit) and the police held him in custody. He appeared and was provided with a duty lawyer, entered a not guilty plea, and was released on bail. Upon his release he contacted our Firm and we took over the case.

On paper it made for grim reading, however, upon further examination including a locus inspection it became apparent that the identification evidence was shaky to say the least.

We requested further preparatory time when the matter next called and entered into discussions with a Senior Procurator Fiscal Depute. 

We were able to persuade the Depute to reduce the charge of drink-driving to the statutory alternative of being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst over the limit. It was also agreed that the charges of careless driving and failing to report an accident would be dropped.

The case was thereafter expedited and called at Livingston Sheriff Court on 6th June 2019. A plea in mitigation was delivered and our client's licence was endorsed with penalty points and a fine of £800. No disqualification was imposed and our client retained his driving entitlement.

This case was negotiated and presented in Court by our Mr Simpson.

 Kept Licence!

Published: 06/06/2019

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