Special Reasons No Insurance Admonished

Kept Licence
Aberdeen Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

The case was heard at Aberdeen Justice of the Peace Court on 7 February 2019. Our client faced criminal proceedings for driving without insurance and sought to rely upon a special reasons submission in terms of s.44(2) of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. The accused was able to provide a detailed paper trail of correspondence between himself and his insurance company which made our task of persuading the court to uphold our special reasons submission much easier. The documentation clearly suggested that a valid policy of insurance had been effected. The Crown still elected to challenge the account offered by the accused however the court accepted the accused as credible and reliable. In the circumstances, the justice of the peace elected to admonish our client in respect of the charge rather than imposing penalty points or a fine.

Published: 07/02/2019

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