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Paisley Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Special Reasons Proof Paisley Justice of the Peace Court

Our client had an awful time with his insurance company. He had paid for his insurance on an annual basis and it had been cancelled (without his knowledge) due to an error on the part of his insurer. Despite numerous phone calls, complaints to the FCA and repeated attempts to have the insurance company confirm that he was insured he was unable to do so. 

A special reasons proof was assigned to allow us to argue that although technically guilty of driving without insurance, the blame lay with his insurer and no penalty points should be added to his licence.

Following a special reasons proof at Paisley Justice of the Peace Court the Court upheld our legal submissions that our client was not at fault. Accordingly, our client was admonished of the charge and no penalty points or indeed fine were imposed. 

Often insurance policies are cancelled due to administrative errors and drivers are left completely unaware that they are not insured. In such cases, a special reasons proof is the most appropriate way to ensure that you are not penalised for someone else's mistake. 

 Kept Licence!


Published: 31/08/2017

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