The Week That Was

Kept Licence
Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Having greatly disappointed Greta this week with the amount of miles travelled in a gas guzzler, we did manage to keep the following clients extremely happy indeed:

Case 1 - Kirkaldy Sheriff Court - Dangerous Driving and Failing To Report An Accident - Monday 29th May 2023

The driving, in our opinion, was abysmal. On the morning of the trial, we did however manage, somehow, to persuade the Crown to accept the lesser charge of careless driving. Our client's licence was endorsed with 8 penalty points. A very good outcome in the circumstances. Our client was absolutely delighted and extremely grateful.

Case 2 - Edinburgh JP Court - Careless Driving - Tuesday 30th May 2023

An allegation was made that our client was using his mobile phone whilst driving. It was prosecuted as careless driving. This case had gone on for a considerable period of time. Following persuasion, the Crown was persuaded to discontinue the case. Our client was delighted.

Case 3 - Aberdeen JP Court - Speeding - Wednesday 31st May 2023

Our client was on 9 penalty points and was caught speeding by the average speed camera at Laurencekirk. We spotted a few technical lines of defence and on the morning of the trial, the Crown was persuaded that the case was beyond proof. Our client was delighted.

Case 4 - Inverness JP Court - Careless Drivng and Failing To Report An Accident - Thursday 1st June 2023

Our client was a nurse who was accused of hitting a bin and hitting a bin man and driving off. The case called for trial and the witnesses were very robustly cross-examined. Following the trial, the Court found our client 'Not Guilty'. Our client was very happy.

Case 5 - Edinburgh JP Court - Driving Without Insurance - Friday 2nd June 2023

Another day, another trial! Our client had changed to a cherished plate midway through his term of insurance. Following some gentle persuasion, the Crown was persuaded to drop the charge against him.


Remarkably, everyone kept their licences. Next week, we will aim to do the same.

 Kept Licence!

Published: 02/06/2023

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