Our Track Record

Success rates are entirely meaningless.

Over the years, Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited has been responsible for securing thousands of acquittals in defended road traffic prosecutions. In cases where a plea of guilty has been negotiated with the Crown, thousands of our clients have received the benefit of a significantly reduced penalty. Please make your own judgement by browsing our unparalleled wealth of experience gained from a decade devoted to exclusively defending road traffic cases.

This is an arduous process so please bear with us whilst we fill up the database with details of our past cases.

In the meantime, please use the drop down menu to browse some examples of each type of offence that we have dealt with over the years.

  Kept Licence
Speeding Dumfries Not Guilty
Speeding in Scotland
Dumfries Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Not every client comes to us because they are at immediate risk of losing their licence. Some choose to defend a charge on point of principal, exercising their ..
  Kept Licence
Special Reasons No Insurance Glasgow
Driving Without Insurance
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
We have successfully represented this particular client on more than one occasion. This time he stood accused of driving without a valid policy of insurance. Th ..
  Kept Licence
Dangerous Driving On The A9
Dangerous Driving
Perth Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our client panicked when the police tried to speak to him about speeding near Perth. Instead of stopping as requested, he scooted off down the A9 leaving the of ..
  Kept Licence
Selkirk Dangerous Driving Not Guilty Licence Saved
Dangerous Driving
Selkirk Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
The locus of this incident was the A72 Blyth Bridge to Peebles Road and our client was alleged to have performed a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre through a blin ..
  Kept Licence
Careless Driving Charge Dumbarton Defective NIP
Careless Driving
Dumbarton Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
An enjoyable trial involving civilian witnesses, both of whom gave evidence that our client had driven carelessly by pulling out of a junction without looking a ..
  Reduced Sentence
Stranraer Speeding On A75
Speeding in Scotland
Stranraer Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our client was a new driver and was guilty of travelling at 97mph in a 60mph limit. For personal reasons he did not wish to resit his test and therefore was anx ..