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Last updated: 17/01/2018

"Scotland footballer Robert Snodgrass cleared over baby in car"


Another one of our notable cases attracted the attention of the press and media. Our client, Scotland international footballer Robert Snodgrass, appeared in cou ...

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The Road Traffic Lawyer: Ten Year Review


Foreword By Michael Lyon - LLB (Hons.), Dip LP How times have changed. Ten years ago there were only a handful of lawyers who knew their way around a speedin ...

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Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers


Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers If you have been accused of committing a road traffic offence in Lanarkshire you are not alone. Each year approximately 137,00 ...

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Falling Asleep Whilst Driving: Dangerous or Careless?


Ever since the Appeal Court delivered its opinion in Helen Alexander v Procurator Fiscal, Edinburgh (2016) HCJAC 3, the Crown has sought to prosecute drivers wh ...

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Speeding Tickets in Scotland


Fixed Penalty Ticket for Speeding in Scotland If you are unlucky enough to receive a speeding ticket (formally known as a Fixed Penalty) in Scotland it will of ...

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Speed Awareness Course Scotland


Speed awareness courses can be offered by the Police for drivers who have contravened speed limits in a minor fashion. A speed awareness course acts as an alter ...

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I Have Been Caught Speeding in Scotland but Live in England


One of the most frequent enquiries we have received over the years relates to jurisdiction ofprosecution, specifically: "I have been caught speeding in Scotland ...

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Reduced Sentence Of Speeding Bikers In Dumfries


Here is a recently-reported case from Dumfries Sheriff Court in which our influence proved crucial. We were instructed by all five motorcyclists involved to ...

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Dumfries Traffic Solicitors and Experts in Scottish Driving Law


If you have been accused of a motoring offence in Dumfries it is important to engage the services of specialist Dumfries traffic solicitors Michael Lyon Solicit ...

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