Our Track Record

Success rates are entirely meaningless.

Over the years, Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited has been responsible for securing thousands of acquittals in defended road traffic prosecutions. In cases where a plea of guilty has been negotiated with the Crown, thousands of our clients have received the benefit of a significantly reduced penalty. Please make your own judgement by browsing our unparalleled wealth of experience gained from a decade devoted to exclusively defending road traffic cases.

This is an arduous process so please bear with us whilst we fill up the database with details of our past cases.

In the meantime, please use the drop down menu to browse some examples of each type of offence that we have dealt with over the years.

  Reduced Sentence
Short Term Ban Avoids Totting Up Disqualification
Speeding in Scotland
Dundee Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our client wished to plead guilty to a charge of speeding at 28mph in a limit temporarily reduced to 20mph. With 9 penalty points already on his driving licence ..
  Kept Licence
Dangerous Driving, Failing To Stop For Police
Dangerous Driving Scotland
Hamilton Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court
A case where our client was alleged to have driven dangerously in Motherwell by travelling at excessive speed, undertaking a lorry and driving on the wrong side ..
  Kept Licence
Speeding Loophole Glasgow
Speeding in Scotland
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Having been caught been driving at 55mph in a 30mph limit our client was anxious about an outright ban or a totting-up disqualification as he already had a sign ..
  Kept Licence
Special Reasons Proof Glasgow
Driving Without Insurance
Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Having pled guilty to driving without insurance, our client required to argue that special reasons existed (please refer to ..
  Kept Licence
Drink Driving Selkirk
Drink / Drug Driving
Selkirk Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
The accusation was that our client had been drinking and driving (50 microgrammes in breath). The scene of the alleged offence was Spylaw Road in Kelso. We defe ..
  Kept Licence
New Driver Speeding Signage Issue Paisley
New Drivers
Paisley Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Our client was accused of speeding at 76mph in a 40mph limit on the M8 and facing revocation under the new driver provisions. We persuaded the Crown that the sp ..